Learn: How to Get Pregnant Naturally

Several studies show that women with infertility get pregnant with a number of natural ways. Some people get pregnant right away. For others, it might took six months or more. After passing  six months with nothing, its time to be worried.

WITHOUT all the frustrations, I am here to help!


Hi there! My name is Jennifer K. I am the founder of GetPregnancy.us and a proud mother of two beautiful kids. My passion is to write blogs and help others from my experiences. I have done Masters in Health Communication and doing consultancy regarding infertility and pregnancy issues.

Giving birth and being born into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is courageous and bold and the body, a miracle of wisdom.

Advice for Healthy Eating in Pragnancy

  • Never skip breakfast in Pregnancy

  • Eat fish or shellfish upto 12 ounces a week

  • Avoid alcohol and limit caffeine

  • Take healthy snacks

  • Take iron and folic acid supplements daily

  • Never skip breakfast in Pregnancy

  •  Eat food with lot of fibre in it

  •  Stay away from soft cheese

  • Avoid energy drinks during pregnancy

  •  Thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables to avoid soil and dirt on it